You can not be successful in trading w/o trading also in options

Discussion in 'Trading' started by lojze, Jun 18, 2007.

  1. lojze


    I have heard this in recent CBOE trading course for the first time in my life, despite I am not new to the game.

    As this is completely new to me, does anybody has this type of experience?

    How many of you agree on this?
  2. That's so ridiculous. Options can be anything from an entity unto themselves to a great way to balance risk a bit in stocks you own. You can make active income on shares you own, but to think you can't be successful without trading options is just a load of crap. :D
  3. Daal


    You can not be successful in trading believing in this kind of garbage from people that are selling you something
  4. I love options but there are certainly tons of successful traders who never touched them.

    Weren't you even suspicious that it was the CBOE who said this????

  5. Did you laugh out loud when you heard that?

    It would've been better if you said something like, "oh, that's some funny shit." :D
  6. Steaming pile alert. I've scored some of my biggest gains with pork bellys, f.c.o.j., and live hogs. THESE days I stick to index options and yes I love em.