You can just feel the tide turning here...

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    Your viewpoints, please!

    "You can just feel the tide turning here," said Jim Paulsen, who helps oversee about $200 billion as chief investment strategist at Wells Capital Management in Minneapolis. "Economic data keeps coming in better than expected and I think it's part of the recovery story."
  2. Minneapolis, Minnesota? Everybody in NYC must be on vacation!
  3. Watching the USD/CAD says not yet.

  4. I think the guy is drinking too much bong water.....
  5. Akuma,

    Care to explain why you believe this to be the case?
  6. there is a multi year correction ahead...

    tide turning?....bullshit
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  7. better yet...
  8. Looking at the major divergence vs. SPY, the USD is now under the CAD. I want to see it come in alot closer before "we make the turn"

  9. It's a great city and I would imagine cities like it are a "best kept secret" in terms of business deals, and financial savvy.