You can hate muslims all you want, but 9/11 was inside job, same as Israel

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  1. Before you post, remember to attack the message with whatever information you have, don't attack the Messenger.

    I am not a muslim and I am a nice guy, so don't call me names, you can call me leftist if you want to insult me, but since I didn't vote for Obama, leftist doesn't apply either.

    I was reading all these threads under religion and politics and it struck me how One Sided they are. Granted this is a smaller forum than other more popular ones but still pretty one sided.

    Most other forums contain opposing voices and seeing how there is none here, I guess I must be that opposing voice.

    You can all hate muslims all you want, but the biggest terrorist attack was brought to you by US and Israeli government, to galvanize you people for war and conquest.

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    Same as Israel

    You can hate the Palestinians all you want, but what would you do if you were systematically and methodically being erased from existence and your land taken.

    Yes that's right, you would fight back regardless of somebody with an agenda calling you a terrorist.

    Everyone has heard about Palestinians lobbing rockets at Israel, but no one is pointing out, "hey what about all those illegal settlements Israelis keep building on bulldozed land for decades"

    This is the latest on Israeli settlements
    Israel to build 3,000 more settlements

    Everyone wants Israel to be a state, and they are, but one one wants Palestinians to have a state.
    Because Israel then can't erase them from history and expand Israeli borders.
    Bottom line is this
    Are you pro human? Or are you just pro US government and pro Israeli?

    That's the bottom line.
  2. If you go to the Wiki page for Palestine, it's a pretty sad state of affairs. Why is that? Nothing on wiki about political system, the legal system, Culture, education, sports, science, technology, etc. Do those people do anything besides bitch and throw rocks?
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    9/11 was a demolition project to free up real estate in lower Manhatten so that they could build a mosque.
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    Oh, brother.
  5. 5 stars no less the wacko's are out in force folks
  6. I thought that was a clever joke.
  7. I thought that was a clever joke. I also believe it's entirely possible that 9/11 WAS an inside job of some sort... done with the full duplicity of US government.

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    Is this national wacko day?
    Don't see it on my calendar.
  9. yeah I know

    but if all you got is can't throw kitchen sink, its just not practical

    It is obvious to me no one here has any love for Palestinians, and I don't blame you, since you are not Palestinian
    Ask yourself what would you do?

    When Israeli soldier tells you leave your home or die, where you lived for 10 generations, what would you do?
    And leave to where, settlements are expanding, where to leave?


    Isn't it pretty obvious why Israel is fighting hard Palestinian Statehood. All that land is already in the planning by the almighty Zionists.
  10. With all due respect unless you got some facts

    your post is just plain crazy
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