you can go ahead and short tomorrow, full trade, not 25% of a trade

Discussion in 'Trading' started by madrid9, Jan 12, 2007.

  1. madrid9


    me and my partners have analyzed the situation

    if you look at todays intraday, bulls lost steam

    I am shorting full trade, so should you.

    and yes for sake of being objective I did lose some money today

    but that is exactly why I traded small size today

    if it seems risky, go with what you can lose and not look back

    oh and if you want me gone, PLEASE convince baron to delete my posts and account.

    in the mean time, ENJOY :p
  2. Welcome back!!!!!
  3. Bowgett


  4. madrid9


    hey wait a minute,

    I don't know Baron, but chances are I have more money than him

    Hey Baron how much would it cost to remove all my posts

    500 USD

    1000 USD

    I'll transfer 3000 and not a cent more,

    even if its 3000.01, I have principles.
  5. madrid9


    I miss Steve46 :(

    he is not under different nick name, (I know)

    now there was a true trader

    he was a floor broker and knew support and resistance like his little finger
  6. ken__0


    I asked you to peer into your crsytal ball on another thread you ignored it .
    Your not as smart as I think that you thought that I was that you know you might be.
    Very disrespectfull ignoring my comments, from such a saint such as yourself. Share your genuis with us.
  7. madrid9


    ok fine ken I'll go look at what you said

    but do you miss Steve46 too

    ok gimme 5 min
  8. ken__0


    I miss laughing I havent laughed all day.
    Now why dont you tell me the difference between a floor broker and a floor trader.
    How can u miss something that you never noticed.
  9. madrid9


    well kenny

    first thing you need to keep in mind when conversing with me is that I day trade

    so my analysis (and those of my partners)
    is based on short term micro resistances and support

    for AALP, I would stay away for tomorrow
    for QQQQ obviously I would short
    for ABB I would short some for tomorrow but only if it reaches 17.5 earlier in the day
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    Were you and Bluestreek separated at birth? Another moron to put on the ignore list.
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