you can go ahead and exercise CAUTION for tomorrow, no more buying

Discussion in 'Trading' started by madrid9, Jan 10, 2007.

  1. madrid9


    me and my partners have analyzed the situation today and I have to caution you from buying, however, don't short too much

    short little bit

    I will short only 25% of what I usually trade.

    because, bears will sell tomorrow and there will be profit taking


    all those crazy whackos will keep buying (you know who you are)

    so tomorrow will be battle and probably no one will win
  2. no one respond. the only way we'll get him to stop is if you dont respond.
  3. madrid9


    hanging man

    let me guess you shorted today and lost your shirt

    is that why you don't like me :D
  4. DWV


    "me and my partners..." should be "my partners and I..."

    Your grammar is as bad as your market analysis.
  5. madrid9


    another sorry fuck who shorted today

    sucks to be you, great grammar, poor trades :p
  6. notouch


    Are we allowed to buy the dips (zero risk, 100% up room to go)?
  7. madrid9


    eheh :D :D :D

    that is infectious
  8. There's method to Madrid's madness, methinks (a little alliteration fest :D).
  9. madrid9


    Holy Grail, I don't feel like reading 15 pages of what you said for 9/11

    can you just answer simple question, d u think gov did it or not

    and please I don't want a discussion just yes or no

    and I can PM you as to why I am asking
  10. madrid9


    its 3 AM or so Big Apple time

    I just spoke to my dear chaps in EU

    we have confirmation

    tomorrow down

    don't ask for conversation transcripts, (cause we use encryption) :D :D
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