You can get food stamps

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  1. Generally, your household cannot have more than $2,000 in resources. But, if your household includes a person age 60 or older or who is disabled, the limit is $3,000.

    Now this likely includes most of ET,

    You mean to tell me all those chislers I see at the checkout, buying gourmet food with food stamps, have < 2000 to their name?

    You're being robbed blind taxpaying sucker.
  2. you know a lot about it :D
  3. i see there was one reply but its one of the nicks I have blocked due to extreme lameness.

    so if you don't see a reply, its not personal.
  4. I would hope someone would fill me in on the point of that article. Who is the demographic that article is trying to reach and for what purpose?

    People collecting food stamps aren't reading the Times.

    Maybe people who can afford the Times are patting themselves on the back, high fiving, feeling good about "SNAP" (woo hoo, love that acronym).
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    Back when the feds bought dairy products to keep food prices high then gave it away to people who could not pay the higher prices (I am not making this up), one of the give-aways was a 5 pound block of American Cheese which quickly earned the name of Welfare Cheese. It was good stuff, way better than the crappy cheese singles that working people could afford.
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    Quit your bitching and sign-up to receive your Link-Card. You think they actually check to see if you have < $2000 to your name? Take advantage of it now.
  7. Do they look at your income to see if you qualify? What if you make $1 million/year and spend it all, and have less than $2,000 in resources, would you still qualify?

    Do they count your house and car as resources?