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  1. I am beginning to think that this board is a contrarian indicator. I have never had a job and have traded since I was 14. Stocks or options only for a few years. Whenever you see the crowd going in one direction you better figure out how to get on the other side and profit. If you start going in one direction and the crowd starts going in that direction you better start figuring something else to do. There is no holy grail, the only edge you really have is you. Ninety percent of my income comes from the auction process and take my word for it you had better learn to feel the market have some rules and don' get sour if you get screwed. You are in there to take money from others so if you lose don't blame them it was your fault and if you are going to succeed you had better worry about your faults and leave theirs alone.:)
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    Misery loves company . . . I've never known anyone who was truly successful who was not willing to help beginners. If they aren't, they probably have issues that the beginner would do well to stay away from.

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  3. These are what I consider "tuning in, and turning on, to the market". Do these things. Know that in doing them you have the chance to succeed. Don't let yourself be psyched out by others telling you you can't possibly succeed.
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  4. You'll probably consider me one of those "elistist traders" with what I'm about to say, but I can assure that, since I'm not yet trading (not even decided that I want to), I am most certainly not.

    Your failure to answer my question as to whether or not you have "done it" only confirms my suspicion that your post was intended to "psyche in/up/inside-out" none other than yourself. I hope it works out for you.
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    So you mean everyone should take unfair rules and continue to play?

    No. I stop. I am not going to take loss because of the risks I cannot control. I'd rather let others suffer the loss when I stop trading. I complaint about it until either the unfairness goes away or I developed something to truly work around it. And I keep cursing those who put these unfairness into place and those who try their best to convince other to swallow them.

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  6. ^^^^^^^^ after that first post we find out he doesnt even
    trade--wow :eek: :eek: :confused:
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    If you happen to refer to me, this is what I want to say to you. Yes, you are right. I don't trade now and will not do it until there is a solution. I either hurt or benefit. But for some parties, they take loss. For instance, brokers has little commissions to earn from me. Market manipulators have few targets and kill themselves each other. This industry deserves to DIE. Very pleasant situation.

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  8. I don't mean unfair rules. I mean you better have some rules for yourself. If you get screwed there is only one way to keep that from happening again and that is within you. Your decision is always to trade or not to trade or to pay or not to pay, for a service or whatever. If you go on a crusade you are IMHO wasting your time. Not that you won't succeed in your crusade but your time might be better spent learning and feeling more. Keep your eye on the goal at hand.
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  9. Actually my post was intended to psych up such as yourself.

    When you've had your fill of those posts intended to psych you out, and certain condescending attitudes toward you as a "newbie", you may see what prompted me to post this.

    Anyhow, I did post this note in the Psychology topic, I think it's appropriate for that topic. It's not the Trading Strategy topic nor the Proven Track Record topic.
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    That's true.

    The more they are damaged in any way, the more pleasure I have. As they did the same to me.
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