You can cut the desperation with a knife...

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  1. And this is why Obama will when in a landslide...

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  2. Wright is an anti-Semite and Farrakhan is perhaps America's leading anti-Semite.

    The issue isn't about Khalidi. If that's what you really think than you're a bigger partisan than you appear.

    Fact is if the tape were released it would boost McCain and you and every other duplicitous fuckhead knows it.

    Why would it help? Because Bill Ayers the man who Obama in an act of Peter only "knows" as a fellow board member-was ALSO at the event. So was Dohrn. I don't care if Obama hangs with folks who hate Jews. Turn a shine inside out and you get a sheeny. But his lying, obfuscations and general bullshit is getting increasingly old with people. This is a candidate who changes positions like underwear, lies his ass off about details on Rezko, Wright and Ayers, makes comments about "typical white people" that would've sank any white candidate and in general is a piece of shit.
  3. Pasbt it is useless to use Ayers and Wright for political points. Not because they are legit issues but because McCain is unwilling to forcefully use them as political points.
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    He was obviously refering to farrakhan. Just cant say it out loud or all hell would break out.

    Politics aside, I freaking hate reporters. The saying should be changed from those who can do and those who can't teach, to teach or report.
  5. The media is enemy #1. I suspect Obama will die in office. It'll be a wasted bullet. Another Obama clone will just take his place. The battle to change America's hearts and minds is through the MSM. A true freedom fighter is selfless. Instead of going after the marquee figure, those who are dedicated to invoking true change will target reporters, columnists, editors and publishers.
  6. Pabst i think it will get much worse before it gets better. The real tell of whether corruption will spread through out the country is if the leaders start assassinating each other and whether they try to become dictators.

    Liberals always say conservatives are facist. The truth is that both far right and left people are facist. I would say the far left is winning that fight.
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    I think that Obama's first term will not be nearly as bad as well all fear it will be. His first term is going to be all about getting a second term, and so he will try to govern as a moderate. When he gets his second term, when nothing can really be done about it anymore, I think that's when we will see him come out in his true colors. I'm really not worried at all about a first Obama term. Of course I always reserve the right to be wrong, but in this case I really do not think I am.
  9. I disagree Brandonof because his true beliefs will most likely override his superficial hope for another term in four years.
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    I dunno, I think that his desire for power is stronger than his ideology, he will hang onto it for as long as he can.
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