you can all laught at me- I BLEW UP

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  1. Make sure this loss does not go to waste.

    You can do that by learning from the mistake.

    Consider it tuition.

    Do not consider yourself a loser because of this, we have all been through this at one point or another during our early stages

    Lift that spirit brother.

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  2. Good advice, even coming from Jimmay Jam :D
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  3. guys,you have no idea what your support means to me. i know this is just a message noard but i am humbled by all the reponses. i really means alot to me.
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  4. sorry about all the grammatical errors/
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  6. Realist


    Most account blowups are directly related to daytrading since compulsive actions are almost always required. This is akin to gambling and the odds are immediately stacked against you from the get go. More trades executed results in greater opportunities to lose your wad. Have you tried actual position trading instead? How about trying out other markets like currencies or commodities? Try to find a market that you can consistently call correctly and stick with it. Hitting the ES or ER2 slot machine day in and day out is a suckers game...
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  7. Oh, trust me: Some of them definitely deserve it!
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  8. good luck my are about to be tested....go down to ac and cleanse the brain...come back tuesday ready to buy and sell, you will be amazed what you can accomplish!
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  9. Sorry to hear about your blow up, but I think it is a step that majority of traders have to take in order to be successful.

    The baptism by fire has just begun. So stay focus and persistence!

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  10. mde2004


    You WILL blow out at least once like all of us successful traders do.
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