You better start SELLING - the TAX SELLOFF

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Stok, Dec 4, 2009.

  1. Stok


    Wall street will sell everything, it started yesterday afternoon when we heard the transaction tax was officially introduced and right after the segment today on cnbs in which Kudlow stated Geitner may be in favor of this tax....

    All I know is that if this tax gets enacted...and we are still far away from go down 30-40%.

    It's already starting...and what a better point to tank the market to make a point before all this happens....just my thoughts.
  2. where do these people come from. such nonsense.
  3. If you had the money to pay people to spread words on internet to make the people take the other side of your trades,
    would you do it ? Even if the effect is marginal, it is usefull... The only question is cost/result... and by reading this type of bs I know that those using these kinds of commentator don't pay much :D

    And if someone could sell you a subliminal persuasion (psy-weapon) would you use it, or techniques of wording etc ?

    you know the more the power to more the misuse...

    I would love to be totally wrong :cool:
  4. shfly


    Well, am not so addition to a new high in the SP500, the trader tax seems to be getting some traction with more sponsors...

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  6. i think he might be right! i smell smthg fishy in today's action! i go with my gut and i got heartburn! :eek: