you are what you eat

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  1. there are other threads on ET discussing diets, calories, protein/carb/fat ratios, etc. i think WHAT you eat is HUGELY misunderstood/overlooked.

    here are some good links:

    imo, it is very interesting to look at your multivitamin ingredients and then check to see what each one does. i also did this for my protein powder bottles, since they list the amino acids contained.

    it is no secret many people's diets are TERRIBLE. not only are most people's calories way off, so are their protein/carb/fat ratios, and WHAT substances they eat. combine that all together and most people's eating habits are WAY out of whack!

    look at the ingredients of some of the foods you eat. many times there are like 50 weird chemicals in them. ARE YOU GOING TO TELL ME WE FULLY KNOW 100% WHAT ALL THAT STUFF DOES TO YOUR BODY?! NO WAY!!!! axeman's cave man diet (only eating stuff in the form it comes out of the ground) is on the right track, imo. as he pointed out, our digestive systems did NOT evolve (yes, we evolved) to eat like we do today.

    i think proper calories, protein/carb/fat ratios, cave man diet, and sufficient vitamins, minerals, and amino acids is THE WAY TO GO.
  2. GG you want a diet that is out of this world?

    Check out AXie's Four Pound Fowl Fat Plan.

    You get to eat 5000+ cals on a 2000 cals diet.

    It's dieter's paradise!


    Light to moderate amounts of alcohol offer protection against coronary heart disease. Light to moderate is defined as up to one drink a day for women and up to two drinks a day for men. A drink is defined as 12 ounces of beer, or 5-ounce glass of wine or a 1.5 ounce glass of distilled spirits.
    Dr. Arthur J. Klatsky,
    Senior Consultant in Cardiology and Adjunct Investigator,
    Division of Research, Kaiser Permanente Medical Center, Oakland, Ca.
    (Scientific American: February, 2003)

    "Moderate alcohol use reduces dementia risk."
    (Science News: February 2, 2002: Vol. 161, no. 5.)

    Three separate studies in the Netherlands, France and England have shown alcohol to be beneficial in age related dementia. Moderate drinkers showed only 58 percent the risk calculated for nondrinkers.
    Monique M.B. Breteler, et al
    Erasmus Medical Center, Rotterdam, the Netherlands
    (The Rotterdam Study. The Lancet 359 (Jan. 26, 2002): 281-286)

    In separate studies, alcohol in MODERATION promotes cardiovascular health by boosting the concentration of good cholesterol and inhibiting the formation of blood clots (SN: 2-28-98, page 142). Drinking also appears to guard against macular degeneration, an incurable eye disease.
  4. GG

    Anytime as 'study ' is done........wait six months and then check again because it seems to evolve or change.....I think too many doctors and scientists are quick to make a claim or release a study or finding, only to have to eat crow later on.....For Ex: The alcohol study originally started out as " a glass of wine " a day is good for the heart....then it became, " the chemicals in the grape" are good for it's the alcohol that is good for you.....and lastly , i was listening to one doctor say that all those tests are flawed because if you had " ONE and ONLY ONE Glass of Wine or beer ect...Per day." you will most likely have it at 6-7 pm....feel a little less stress and sleep and rest better and the result can provide the stress management on the heart......Again though, with all these examples, it is still too early to tell what is the EXACT cause/effect and too many of these guys run a test with too many variables, but run to print with their findings...


    you are really disappointing to read.....Axe never said what you just printed and you are picking and choosing where ever you please and truthfully, you have shown that you are intellectually inferior to Axe..
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    Black Beans and Rice.................peace.

  6. Twice a week in my household:D ....gotta hit the gym extra hard the next morning though to get all the carbs know what i love the best though??? Mother-in laws pigeon peas and yellow rice with her pulled chicken and spanish olives :D :D :D ...I have to run a marathon after that
  7. oh yes he did.
  8. Oh no he didn't:D