YOU ARE THE JURY ::: peterson murder trial

Discussion in 'Politics' started by quickTRADER, Apr 22, 2003.

  1. lets see, you are the jury , what do you say ? guilty or not guilty ........ based on the evidence or lack of... so far
  2. The bastid is guilty... fry him and feed him to the hungry Iraqis...
  3. easy.....


  4. True... gotta agree with that...
  5. wheres the evidence quick?
  6. ElCubano


    hahahahahaha....evidence...who needs evidence..Youre in quicktraders courtroom...

    If Vegas where giving a line on this it would probably be tilting towards guilty...and being a betting man I would go with guilty.....thats my prediction, not knowing all the evidence that will be shown, from what ive heard I think they have a strong case agaisnt him....
  7. Good grief, and people accuse ME of having a lynch mob mentality because I'm for capital punishment...
  8. he has every circumstantial thing against him that I can think of off hand, but just the same I haven't heard of a shred of physical evidence yet. If they have any physical evidence on him then he's toast.
  9. Pabst


    Even the OJ jury would execute this worthless prick. The evidence will be conclusive. Guarantee it.
  10. True, but Petersen's atty can't play the race card like Cochrane et al did.

    The guy's fucked.
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