You are right, you are happy.

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by QdzResurrection, Mar 9, 2004.

  1. Is it so? Be right on making money? Be right on wrong things? Be right on miseries? Be right on tragedies. Be right on destruction? What do you think?
  2. You are right, are you happy?
  3. Yes.:)
  4. abogdan


    When I'm right about being happy then I'm happy, unless, of course, being happy makes me wonder whether or not I was right. So, in this case I feel that I was wrong which makes me unhappy. But then I realize by being unhappy I can not be right, so if I'm wrong about being unhappy then being happy is right! As soon as I feel happy though I'm thinking to myself "Am I right to be happy?". Of course it immediately makes me unhappy and I start to think that I was right in the first place to be unhappy! But being unhappy makes me wonder about me having any ability to distinguish right from wrong which makes me happy because if I'm wrong about me being unhappy then I must be happy again! Unless .....

  5. Pssst! (You're babbling.)
  6. abogdan


    Nooooo! You think?
  7. Whew. Life can eat you up sometimes! I was for sure, you'd lost it.

  8. agree totally
  9. I've been wrong: my monthly target of 10889 has failed I'm so unhappy :D

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    I am sure there is a string of logic in here somewhere. Smoking again?
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