You are not that special

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  1. if this generation of kids are truly pampered, they r in trouble.
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    Very good speech.
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  4. Speech Grade: A+

    I love hearing this kind of motivational speaker talking with the youth of today. It’s the same speech my DI gave my platoon in boot camp back in the days of Vietnam (and this was only the beginning of dragging us through the muck). We need many more like him to kick the pampered butts of these ego centric kids we graduate today. Too many of these kids think life is a free ride…
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  5. I think his message was that they are all worthless scums.

    There go their egos!
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  6. oops...

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  7. =========
    Good points, Mr turtle.

    While pride is a bananna peel;
    actually from a scientific point of view, each of the billions of people on earth is in fact special.:cool: He is no Paul T Jones
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    Should of given this guy some kind of medal!!!
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  9. What a dick. Sounds like he is the one with ego problem
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  10. Every is special to those who love them. Ask your mom (if she ain't some sicko) or your partner (if you are still in love).
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