You are not a trader until you ...

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  2. 25 minutes
    How about the cliffs notes instead
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    It actually has two parts :) This is under psychology section ... we charge by the hour.
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    Wow how does that make you a better trader?
  5. Because if you have the patience to sit through it, you can do anything!
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    Well, there are two camps - one says trading is 95% psychology and 5% strategy, and the other is the reverse of that. If you are in the second camp, you should ignore this section I guess. If you are in the first camp ... trading, sports, poetry (@qxr), religion/spirituality, life all merge into one. I'm a boxing fan so just couldn't resist posting. If people don't find it useful, I apologize for wasting their time.
  7. A person who gone the baptism of fire or adversity will be better equipped person. Since this is trading forum, a better equipped trader if one's trading account remains intact.
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    Maybe baptism of knowledgeable chart reading, can memorize and can program well has better chance of succeeding.
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    You are not a trader until you can stick with your plan after you have been punched in the face.
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    Teddy is saying that no matter what your diploma on the wall says, you are not a surgeon until you had a situation where you had to face a difficult case not spelled out in the manual.

    So I was wandering ... You are not a real trader until you ... (fill in the blank).

    Maybe you have to blow up an account or two. Maybe you need to get out of bad draw down. Does one need that so one can fall back on it during difficult times ... What Teddy calls "toughness." Just pondering.
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