You are getting a bailout whether you like it or not!

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  1. And we are going to keep voting on this thing over and over and over until you finally give us our 700 billion! I dont care how many times we have to change the name or the fine print, we will wear you down until we get it!

    -The Senate
  2. pretty much what they do with immigration expanding bills

    when they win, it's over

    when they lose, they just re-file

    and re-file

    and re-file
  3. poyayan


    It is amazing that when it comes to banker's interest. bi-partisan support is never too strong.

    Since when you see such tight cooperation between a president who all democrats dislike and a house speaker who all republican loath of?

    Feel the power of the status quo!

    You have to tell me which other bill that have leaders of both parties stepping on their junior members so hard.

    "Don't follow my order?", "Here take this"
  4. GTS


    The US is a republic not a pure democracy - there is no reason to expect congress to listen to the will of the people....except when its 5 weeks from an election :D
  5. Did anyone catch tv talking heads saying the vocal 'minority' is screaming not to pass this thing.

    Thats total bull shit and a lie. The vast majority (for better or worse) is saying no no no to this bill. I hate tv, I hate everything about the media.

    I just threw my tv out the window. Oh crap.