You are at JCTrading what do you do?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by Sky123987, Mar 7, 2008.

  1. So you hear about the news at Tuco... and you are in JCTrading.

    What do you do? Is JCTrading going to be underfire?
  2. Iran.
  3. I am with them and I am not doing anything yet. If they start shutting down firms then I will take my money out but right now trading as usual. Even at Tuco you can get ur money out they are being watched by a monitor now. JC guys are stand up and lets not get overzealous lets see how it all plays out, there are a lot of firms on the line here so we shalls see. But for now just keep trading!
  4. I find it odd that you have started a thread only about JC Trading? Hmmm???

    Makes me wonder what your motives are with all the other firms that could have been mentioned.
  5. mnx


    JC is under Tuco so they couldn't trade Friday either... That is why he started the thread.....
  6. Joab



    I traded all day Friday no problem and I'm not concerned at all.
  7. mnx


    which platform are you using though? Sterling or Genesis? i heard the guys @ JC who use sterling were down Friday morning... ( I wouldn't be that concerned either, sounded like they were only going to be down for the day....)
  8. Sterling uses Tuco to clear so we couldnt trade.

    Laser self clears so there was no problem.
  9. unless your mentally retarded how would you not be concerned at all??
  10. Joab


    I know things that you don't !!!

    But based on your response that's not really a surprise is it. :cool:
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