You are a fool, if think become consistant within few years

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  1. Today i came across a site with with shocking information
    proved to me how trading with consistancy can be difficult:

    1-The firm manages 100 billion in asset managemnt
    2-They select from top quality undergraduates and MBA's seeking
    their first international career opportunity
    3-Out of few thousand applicants, 6-10 will be selected for
    international candidate, who come out on top of assesment
    interview and testing process.
    4-They goes under very intense training for nearly 3 years, before
    they are choosen to manage any assets

    Now, what makes you think you get prepared to trade, after
    going 1-2 monthes training done with most prop firms

    Doesn't this tells you need some kind of serious self education
  2. Prop trading a few hundred K in an account is COMPLETELY different than trading a few hundred M or few dozen Bs
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    Here's the kicker. After all that "selective training" they still underperform the SnP. lol :D
  4. They aren't allocating all their investment to countable
    individual, they probably have more than thousands of
    traders, risk and reasearch analyst,....

    The point here IS that even after 3 years intense training
    with a top firm, you might not get the chance to become
    asset manager.
  5. I was making money within 3 months of starting my trading career. These guys have been right their entire life, trading is very seldomly about being "right", it is about making money. It probably takes that long to "bring them down a bit!" :)

    There are many components to successful trading, learning from successful trader is top of the list. Paul Tudor Jone, Marty Schwartz, the best of the best, learned from successful traders. If you want to be successful in this game, find a good trader, and learn everything you can learn from him. Very few can do it on their own, having a good mentor can shorten the learning curve and help you work through the challenges that arise throughout the trading year.
  6. Let's not forget when you have tens of billions under management, it's much harder to find potential investments for nesseccry diversification to make better return than HFs managing 100s of millions only.
  7. I don't agree, trading large money with consistancy take more
    than seating on a shoulder of a once profitable trader (i don't
    mean likes of PTJ,..)
  8. What evidence do you have that they are consistent? As one previous poster pointed out, most can't even beat the market.

    As a successful trader I know what it takes to make it in this game. I have been doing so for five years, and will go on doing it for another five. If you want to be successful, you need to emulate someone successful. (Nothing new here, It has been a road to success for thousands of years!)
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    What if you can't find anyone. I guess your screwed then?

    In my opinion if your smart, have the right psychological makeup and the situation/enviorment is fertile than you can do it on your own. But it ain't easy, I'll tell you that.
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