You and I May Be Living in a Giant Hologram

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  1. So what was it. I'm now virus shy and don't click anymore.
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    Do we need to get Theseus involved here?
  4. Best idea you've had so far.:D
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    Thanks for the link. That is very interesting. I have known of this as a possibility from Maldacena's theorem. That there could be experimental results confirming this is out of this world amazing.

    I don't understand how they can distinguish true random noise from a signal from something so fundamentally minute. I don't quite follow how the projection of what happens at the edge of the universe onto it's interior, how they are able to defuzzify the presence of a signal from noise.
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    Can anyone do me a favor and put this in layman terms? Well... how about idiot terms is better for me. Even if it's not quite an exact analogy, it would be helpful heh. :confused: :)
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    That article already puts it in layman's terms. But I will try.

    Basically there is a theorem from Maldecena that shows that you can not distinguish the physics of living in a five dimensional universe from a four dimensional one where the physics of the 4-D universe take place on the four dimensional boundary. This is a bit abstract if you are not used to it. There is a strong tie with it and Hawkins discovery on information loss in black holes:

    But this is an aside albeit important one in following the idea on a deeper level.

    The idea is that a boundary of a lower dimensional manifold can encode all the information of a higher dimension manifold:

    So what we think is a four dimensional universe may be an illusion of a projection of some three dimensional boundary somewhere. It is as if we (our reality) are are being played on a movie screen.

    I am not sure this helps...I probably said the same thing using different words. :(
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    Christ there's a lot of information out there.

    Over the weekend, I went down the rabbit hole of mind emulation only to end up at some transhumanist seance (Guess who the key note speaker was?). Now, you start bringing up space/time continuums with entropy and thermal dynamics for flavor. Are we gonna dice up time linearly or continue to exist throughout the spectrum at the same time... or both?

    I read the article twice and it makes me dizzy.
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