Yogis,Gurus, the good gear

Discussion in 'Politics' started by acronym, Apr 9, 2006.

  1. Wondering if anyone has any ideas on these characters.
    It bothers me no end, they all have flowing beards, look like something out of the george harrison tribute concert, but surely some of them have some good gear-dont they?

    Saw this, not exactly guru worthy,


    and there's heaps of them out there.

    This one actually looks quite good, but the breathing technique is a registered trademark??

    Have a great day. Because tomorrow could be really, really lousy.
  2. Ricter


    Whoa, don't waste a penny on that stuff acronym. First of all, the "look", it's an industry standard.

    Second, the breathing techniques of the various schools are freely available.
  3. Oh, i wouldnt, but i seem to have forgotten the basics, and i cant seem to find any well laid out , integrated sites on it-free ones anyway.
    That art of living organisation is huge, interesting how its been modelled toward the un.
    And competing against denominational groups, thats a huge effort, but you always think "whats the catch? who is actually behind this group?"