Yoda as a trader

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  1. I think Yoda would be the most consistently profitable trader known to man. Thoughts?
  2. Wrong wrong wrong! The most consistently profitable trader known to man is Chuck Norris, obviously.
  3. Crispy


    Chuck Norris is Yoda`s father.
  4. [​IMG]

    would kick his a$$.
  5. LOL R2 would be the super profitable HFT fund
  6. "Size matters not"
  7. Trade with discipline you must.
  8. Haha ... Two of my bots are R2 and Yoda, and from my experience R2 rocks. R2 has made 90% of my profits since 2001. However, I do got a new bot going -- Storm Trooper, and so far he is looking good. My Darth(fader) no longer is in play, so maybe I should finally have the ceremony for Darth's death. (I did go to a different theme with my swing trading bots!)
  9. Yoda was never a SIM trader. :D

    Stop making excuses about the size of your capital. :D

    :D :D :D