Yo Yo, Ghetto Trader Journal.

Discussion in 'Journals' started by ghettotrade, Aug 4, 2010.

  1. Learning how to trade, I gots me about 74K in Capital to start out.

    Anyhow got some books on options and learning.

    From my options. I got 100 shares SPY also.

    here is my journal.

    07-01-2010 272.43
    07-08-2010 235.85
    07-09-2010 149.90
    07-13-2010 413.87
    07-23-2010 129.90
    07-29-2010 249.90
    08-02-2010 270.84
    1722.69 total profit

    I sold some IWM puts yo, anyhow I say dont hate the playa, hate the game so I am joining Wallstreet from here in the hood and selling weapons of mass destruction derivatives to live an easy lazy life.

    Anyhow gonna kick back a cold steel reserve.
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  2. Yo check it, I reuped today and closed out them books and sold new options. making money like the white man in wallstreet.

    My trade from them puts made me 126.84 (plus 400 bucks for SPY called away last week) for about 30 days, not as good as the big money last month.

    but its all good. gonna bank this time, learning to trade making money and I did get my SPY called away by the man but I sold some puts to collect more winnings

    Good times making Wallstreet Welfare
  3. Yo yo yo. 18 more days before I can reup and collect more spare change dropped by wallstreet.

    gonna hold tight here is where I stand. Sure beats begging for spare change or selling crack.