Yo chart pattern guys: what pattern is this?

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  1. Last 3 days on SPY.

    Like the opposite of bullish engulfing. What does this mean?


    edit - whoops I didn't make the lower wick quite long enough on the 3rd candle.
  2. spd


    That'n there be some chop.
  3. TBH looks like a bearish downwards wedge but will obviously need some more days to confirm
  4. clunk


    Two failed hammers = margin calls everywhere
  5. Bob111


    пиздец подкрался незаметно
  6. If the bottom wicks of candle 1 and 3 are the same, I see a low risk buy here. Put stop below low of candle 2....to be a bit more daring would be to reverse on that stop..
    This is just a 1 or 2 day trade
  7. baro-san


    Down trend + Pennant
  8. fucking crept quietly


    the pattern calls bull caca
  9. toc


    i don't do the candlesticks but it looks like sp500 is due for another horrendous move down. may be down to 1000 to 1020 area.

  10. joneog


    Dashed Hope
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