YM, YJ (Dow E-Mini's) Anybody?

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  1. I see a lot of talk about the ES and NQ. Is there a reason why the Dow E-Mini's don't seem to be traded here as much?

    Do you guys have some problems w/ them? (Or maybe I'm just missing the posts extolling their virtues :))

  2. traded them first time this week.. no liquidity.. wide spreads.. and the mms back away from their quotes.. lots of games.. just makes it too annoying to worry with for me..

  3. That's all I need to know.
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    What do you mean by they back away from their quotes? A/C/E is an electronic matching system. If a bid or offer is their you can take it.
  5. Correct ...
  6. i thought it was all electronic as well.. however.. i made probably 6 trades in the dow emini and had about 4 times that i tried to hit a bid or ask with a limit and when i pressed the button the bid/offer backed away several ticks.. coincidence is once.. freak accident is twice.. four times is intentional.. its the same game we used to see with the MM's on Snet..

  7. Maybe someone beat you to the fill. Did you see any trades go off on T&S? There are no MM's as such in futures markets, and I don't think the other traders can delay your fill to give themselves time to back away. However, I've never traded dow on a/c/e, so it's possible I don't understnad the system.
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    I think the CBOT has arranged for several entities to make a two side market at all times in the dow minis. So, there are some market makers.
  9. there is alot of backing away or chasing ....

    when the Spoos and Dow cash is moving quickly

    just remember if you trade it next week to trade

    DEC contract ... as we rolled over this week
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