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Discussion in 'Journals' started by Tempest, Jun 16, 2011.

  1. Tempest


    Long time reader of ET....now, I thought I would start a journal of my trades to help keep myself disciplined and accountable. There is nothing like public ridicule to keep things straight.

    My trading style is pretty simple - day trades based on support and resistance....HH, HL, etc. I normally take 3-5 trades a day, depending on the day, no overnights or weekend holds, but I do trade in the wee hours of the night and morning often. Not looking to instruct anyone on trading, but would be very interested in other YM traders contributing if you would like. Trading can be pretty boring, so it never hurts to interact with others wrestling with the market.

    I will try to post my trades as close to real time as possible, with all pertinent information.

    Trades so far for today/last night....

    Short 11843 Stop 11855 - Exit 11800 +43
    Short 11808 Stop 11820 - Exit 11778 +30
    Long 11826 Stop 11814 - Exit 11857 +31
    Long 11829 Stop 11817 - Exit 11876 +57
    Long 11890 Stop 11878 open trade

    Will update soon.

  2. Tempest


    I didn't realize there would be a delay in being able to post, so obviously was not able to update. Yesterday ended +177 for the day, currently -6 for today. Will update further later today. I believe there will still be a delay for the next few posts, but hopefully will be straightened out by Monday.

  3. Tempest


    Ended up +42, 8 trades though - not a great day at all. Will post a chart later.