YM trading log

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by Rickshaw Man, Nov 6, 2014.

  1. Making money in the index futures is so easy. This will be a log of my trades.
    Today went long 50 Dec at 17,380. Sold at 17,430, gain $12,500.
  2. Buying 10 dec at 17460, sell order 17,500
  3. This is so easy, everyone should be making a killing.
  4. Sold 5 at 17,490. profit $750.00 still holding 5
  5. Guaranteed to get taken out at 17500 just watch. This market is so easy to trade, It simply will not go down, and loving it.
  6. Yep just like I said, filled at 17500. Now I will place a buy order at 17490 for the overnight drift up. Know one dares do this because the jobs report tomorrow, trust me 90% of day traders are flat. Im taking a position though. Just got filled 25 long Dec YM AT 17490. Sell order at 17,530. This is such a risk free market.
  7. Ready for the overnight rally