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    For all of you guys trading YM, what is the highest number of points you have made in 1 single day from daytrading YM and how man RT's was it. My personal best is 208 on 9 Rt's.
  2. Wow... I know I cannot compare with you.

    Mine was.. umm... lets see, around $1,900 on a single day.
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    How many points is that ripley and on how many rt's ?
  4. I don't remeber that. But, I am a n00b thus, I am not supposed to remeber those things. I bet it wasn't much though, because it was back then when I was swinging 10 contracts around. Now I swing 3.
  5. cool thread

    mine was 102 pts on 3 rts...allin and scaleout

    actually that wasn't the highest, my highest was 129 on 15 rts

    but the former was vastly more efficient (got and stayed in a huge trend)
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    So what do you guys average per trade as far as points ?
    My initial target is 20 points and my average ends up beign around that too.
  7. my avg win is 9.13, avg loss is 4.48

    i don't use hard targets.
  8. I don't really count points, but I keep track of money. Largest single day loss for me has been $42000. I have had several days where I have made $10000-$12000 in one day. Highest one day gain is $17500.

    Highest calendar month gain is around $55000.
  9. Geez, losing 42000 in one day is alot. Who clears you??
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    42k ?

    how many cars are you trading at a time ?

    I was not actually looking for $ amounts but for me my biggest gain has been $9900 with my biggest loss being $1050.
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