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  1. IRC is way above my ability to comprehend....
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  2. buzz


    Hi Schaefer

    That was last year some time I showed my live calls..We could do it again if there is an interest, showing easy to follow trades looking for anything from 14 to 20 points a trade.

    ER2 ES or YM........I don't mind trading any of them. they move sort the same, I will just change the parameters for stops and targets for which one I decide to trade...ER2 I tend to trade more these days though.

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  3. Schaefer


    Hi Buzz,

    Good to hear from you, and glad to know that you're still around. I'll definitely be there, if you decide to start an e-mini room here on ET.

    Oh, and I'll make sure to bring my $5, this time :p

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  4. buzz


    Ok we'll go in the room tomorrow and trade the YM live..as most follow it...... We'll use Elite Traders chat room, and call it YM Trades.

    See you in the room Monday for the open.

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  5. Ok great so we are going to use ET for the chat. Works for me, we are all familar with it.
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  6. we should start a IRC server for traders
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  7. buzz


    Anyone going in the live chat room today to trade the e-minis>?
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  8. i think we should use a char like aim yahoo msn hotmail
    much better then email
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  9. QMTrader


    Those Instant Mess's are too invaisive. Email you can "reply to all" and read it when you have time. Less pressure.
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  10. Your trying to setup an email interaction for trading YM as a day trader with everybody emailing each other???

    For example, lets say there's 15 in your YM trading group and you all are emailing each other...

    That's a lot of emails to read through to find something that was said that may be useful to trade YM that particular day.

    In comparison, a chat room that's setup allows everyone to read the same message, see whom is participating and whom is not, instant reply much faster than email and a coherent time stamped documentation of the conversation log.

    I say the above via many years (since the late 90's) with experience of using such (email, instant messageing, chat rooms and so on).

    However, I can only see using email as a market corraboration tool if there's only 2-3 traders involved.

    Anything more than three makes email not only less effective but very problematic that it will discourage traders and results in them leaving the group.

    I'll mention a few problems out of dozens associated with email.

    * Today's anti-spam programs, ISP flagging bulk emails (multiple receipents) as spam and so on...

    I guarantee eventually many in the group will be wondering why the emails are not reaching them or ending up in their junk mail/bulk mail boxes instead of the Inbox.

    * Most members are not going to use their primary ISP email address.

    Thus, many will give their alternative email address (Yahoo, hotmail et cetera)...many of which do not have pop-up alerts that an email has arrived.

    Simply, you will only know you have a new email if your busy checking your inbox every 5-15 mins or using a third party program that does it for you.

    Get a chat room and use today's technology instead of something archaic like email for realtime market corraboration.

    Besides, most chat rooms you can set it up to make a audio beep or color flag message posts that contain key words your interested in.

    Thus, you can minimize the chat room window and only look at it when a beep sound is made to see if the message contains any useful info that may help with your trading...

    Just an example of today's technology with many chat rooms.

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