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    I'm a full-time YM trader.
    I want to start a small email group of successful, full-time YM traders. Sometimes it gets boring waiting for a good trade set-up. We can all email and share thoughts & ideas.

    Email: tradethetrend@sympatico.ca to join.
  2. or just start a thread here which is a lot quicker than e-mails to chat back and forth....
  3. Why email? Start a chatroom, or use IM. Email is too time consuming and not RT.

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    I think it is faster to click "reply to all" and bang an email back and forth, rather than going to another site, logging in and replying to a thread.
  5. We have about 10 successful in our room of 70 at www.puretick.com. (no one said trading was easy). They may wish to join your email group. Your more then welcome to post on our message board for free at http://www.puretick.com/BB2

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    Email is very fat. . . we all have it up and running anyways. But, it is not good to have too may things running to keep your computer running fast. . . so I thought email would be the easiest and the fastest.
  7. Well personally i think Skype or IM/Chat is the best way to go. Just my thoughts.

    Hey phil buy a headset!
  8. Lucrum


    At one time there was a YM chat room right here on ET's chat.


    For some reason it didn't last very long.
    Maybe a chat room for all the index futures instead of just YM would attract a larger group and possibly be more self sustaining.
  9. A PalTalk chat room could work as well. Just an idea for quick and easy access.
  10. When we started PureTick.com it was a free room on PalTalk. There is not really a good way to share charts. Also, they flood the rooms with spam now. HotComm lite is a great option and isn't too expensive (as macromedia).

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