YM Trader here... Need TRIN and TICK but NOT available on Strategy Runner Software ??

Discussion in 'Trading' started by jimmygold, Mar 2, 2007.

  1. Been trading YM last couple of weeks. Trying to incooperate TRIN and TICK into my strategy of using Pivot Points and S/R.

    But on the charting software with Strategy Runner there is NO real time (or delayed for that matter) TRIN or TICK :confused:

    Any suggestions on what to do ? Maybe I should not use Strategy Runner ? Or is this that big of a deal not to have TRIN or TICK ??

    Are there other Platforms better for trading intra-day YM ?? That allow $500 day trading Margin for 1 contract like Global Futures does ??

    Any other places to find real time data on TRIN or TICK for free ?


    This is very frustrating that these people would develop software like Strategy Runner and leave off these two cucial indicators for intra- day future traders :(

  2. Bump !! Thanks for any help or insight concerning this !!!
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  4. Thanks !!

    Not to sound too naive but could you give me insight to what the TICK tells a trader ??
    And how to apply it to a strategy when trading the emini Futures ??

    Appreciate it

    P.S. Now anyone could tell me where to find TRIN in real time chart ??
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    Its not SR's fault. they provide futures data. Trin and tick are NOT futures data!!!
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  7. If you don't know how to use the TICK nor TRIN...

    How can you determine its crucial to your trade methodology???

    Simply, if it is crucial to your trade methodology...you may need to use someone else that provides these trading tools that Strategy Runner doesn't provide.

    Another solution is that you may need to get a cheap realtime charting software that has these trading tools and use it along side with Strategy Runner.

    There are lots out there offering to test their charting program as a free trial (minus exchange fees).

    I recommend you try a free trial and during the trial you can determine if the TICK or TRIN is crucial to your trade methodology.


  8. Excellent point. I know basically what TICK and TRIN do and have seen it to be very advantageous when used with Pivot Points and S/R with other traders. And a couple of Traders have said it could be very helpful. I was just trying to get some more specific and detailed suggestions from experienced future traders on how TRIN and TICK can help a strategy for Pivot Points and S/R on YM.

    I was probably getting a little ahead of myself saying how it was so crucial to me. When in fact I havent used it at all yet.

    But doing a little exploring I believe it could benefit me. But your right the jury is still out in my case.

    I will look a some free trial Charting software and test it out.

    But nonetheless, I would like to hear how others at ET strategically incooperate the TRIN and TICK in trading Pivot Points with the Emini futures.