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  1. WTF are you talking about increasenow?

    Once you start "trading" 30 YM at a clip, significant execution risk is incurred. Even "trading" as few as 15, at times will suffer. This is a "feature" of tic granularity.

    YM is a retail product. Retail traders for the most part do not trade large size. The point is proven by your post.

  2. Curious as to why these threads were re spawned.

  3. how many contracts can you trade with no problem? slippage?
  4. I've never done more then 15 but alex safely does up to 40
  5. spectra , thanks for reply, could be better if they go on the globex system in the future, volume should grow, a big plus imo.. from rumors that were circulating in the past , would be great for ym traders..
  6. cooll and thanks...alex does up to 40...awesome...just my point...can handle larger volume...!
  7. what software do you use to check time & Sales
    tradesatation etc etc etc

  8. "up to" being the operative. My guess is Alex does not trade 40 as his "normal" trade size. Even if, 40 is not "large" in relation to other instruments, but on any given day could/would be considered large for YM.

    Osorico :)
  9. Your right. Conditions must be very favorable for him to load a full boat. I think this month I've seen him trade 40 twice. Normally 10-30 depending on the strength of the setup and weather its trend/couter etc.

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