YM & $Tiki

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by increasenow, Sep 11, 2007.

  1. do you use it?...does it help and how?
  2. Its soo choppy. I just stick all the dow 30 stocks on a watch board and see how many are up or down.
  3. Thanks Spectra...how do you evaluate that as opposed to the $tiki?...do you use $tick or $trin?...thanks...
  4. Mostly use the $TICK and $ADD (eSignal for Advance-Declines)

  5. i find tick and ADD to be indispensable

    i also watch bonds, sectors, and some key stocks (GS)
  6. do you all find $Trin to be as valuable???
  7. yes and no

    trin is more of a "framework" indicator. iow, it tells me the trend of the buying (or selling pressure), and helps put institutional buying/selling in broad perspective.

    the tick can be more shorterm to help with entries and exits.

    i also look at accumulated tick (longer timeframe) data , which is similar to TRIN

    but TICK and AD have more utility on a shorter timeframe, whereas TRIN is more of a longer term confirming indicator
  8. I watch the TICK myself (for the ER2 also....does work).
  9. great...bottommline...TRIN, TICK and ADD are amzingly important...they are REAL indicators and not like Stochs, MACD, MA, EMA...wow...