YM this morning

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  1. Skittish and all over the place with very thin book and huge spread. I haven't seen overnight trading *that* bad in a while. Is there a trader strike on and someone forgot to tell me?
  2. You really do have to watch the news...

    British police shoot terrorist suspect in tube station!!!!

  3. Never listen to the news FOCUS on your charts and forget the news. Whatever you hear will be stuck in your subconscious, and will keep you form being open minded and neutral, you must leave your opinion out of the markets.
  4. It was like that before the news hit the wires and still looks like that now - my impression (if you can call it that) is from watching the YM book out of the corner of one eye. For want of a better term it looks "different" today. :p
  5. oy....

    just manage your risk, glasshoppah.
  6. tomcole


    Friday plus IMHO, people still arent sure how to interpret yesterdays events in London.

    After an intensive 2 week manhunt by the cops, the terrorists can still manage to hit 3 trains and a bus? To me, thats suggests the terror goons have a network that protects them, feeds them and gives them money. If it was NY, it'd scare the crap out of me and I bet lots of folks from CT/NJ wouldnt come to work today to let things settle down.

    Now the cops shoot and kill a guy too in Ldn, thers something weird in all this.

    And yeah, the charts tell the story quicker than cnbc or fox.