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  1. Starting this journal after reading others, & to help keep me honest in using the system and ONLY the system. Developed for trading the YM with 2-4 contracts per trade to start. I will post screenshots of P/L

    The system can only lose 10 ticks per contract, per trade. It has averaged 3-4 trades per day.

    I will try and post entry, exits if i have time.
  2. Razor


    Looking forward to this. I trade the YM and ES almost exclusively. Maybe hit an equity once every few months.

    Good luck and nice start !
  3. figures the first day it tests my patience. only 1 trade.

    System takes into account some market internals. It will try to avoid trend days.
  4. Nice start, hit singles consistently day in/out.
  5. Hi YMsystemtrader,

    Is this an automated system as in its a computer code that generates your trade signals and order executions ?

    The reason why I ask is because you said your hoping this journal keeps you honest and that phrase implies its either a computer code that generates your pattern signals or your using a method (no computer code) with strict rules for entry to exit.

    Simply, what problems were you having before that was unrelated to your trade signals ?

    (a.k.a. NihabaAshi) Japanese Candlestick term
  6. The latter (part of the problem i guess). The system has a few basic rules for entry, rules for profit , and stops all entered in at time of trade. The stops being adjusted along if the trade starts working. These are all written down. Should be no problem.

    Its when i break the rules and take profit too soon. I have no problem with it hitting my stops.

    And the position sizing was wrong for the other futures. The system deals with multiple exits, so i need to carry multiple contracts, but still giving the system room to trade. So the stop losses with other futures were a little too wide for me.

    The reason for migrating to the YM is because, while the system would tend to work more often than not, the exit part of the strategy would leave a lot to be desired with other quick whippy futures markets. The trade needs to be managed with time enough to put in orders and adjusting live orders.

    i would catch myself trying to get those few extra ticks to make the system more profitable, or again, trying to lock in profit too early.

    With the YM tick being $5 per contract, those few extra ticks dont mean as much and i let the system work.

    So we'll see how it goes.
  7. Good start. Like Razor, I trade ES and YM. We post our P/L everyday in the thread "Trader P/L 2006". You may want to post there as well. Good trading everyone.
  8. made decision to short ER instead of playing YM system today based on the extended charts. Was the wrong choice!

    Shorted the strongest market!

    -216 YM , just bad. but the ER short still worked. hard not to make something today. Still holding 1 ER short over weekend.

    passed up on a lot of YM system trades because of the fast market too.
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  9. computer and internet problems have slowed me down.

    Trying out adaptrade software with the YM system to keep track of profit statistics. Ive entered each trade in, 1 contract at a time. will post a screenshot.

    System will trade 1 contract per 10k in the account. So i put in a starting equity of 10k for 1 contract purposes.

    I'm trying to compare and keep track of the avg win per contract. This is the # i need to improve.

    slow but sure
  10. Can i post more than 1 picture at a time per post here?

    P/L for 1/24 afterhours & 1/25

    Forgot to take pic of 1/24 P/L. The difference adds up to whatever the adaptrade result is.

    Didn't stay in the eod afterhours runup like i shouldve.

    Slow but sure right?
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