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    I was wondering at what lot size did people seem to start having difficulty getting consistant fills with and only getting partials. For example a 10 lot may get completely filled 95% of the time and a 30 lot may get completely filled 85% of the time. DO you also find it easier to get reliable fills on size with market orders or limits. I know there is not an exact definite answer to this question. I am just trying to get some opinions from other YM traders.
  2. I hope this doesnt come off as smartalecky cuz it is not meant that way but why worry about it. If you are good enough to get the point where liquidity becomes a problem you will be smart enough to figure out what to do next. I can only hope that this becomes a problem for me eventually.
  3. I have assumed that you could hit what you see on the level 2 display, up to an order size limit (1000+ on ES, is this for ES only?)

    Does anyone know the order size limits for YM, ER2 and NQ

    Why dont people do a real time recording of level 2 and replay to see where they would have been filled once they got their 'signal'?

    Am I missing something here?
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    The limit size for those index's are 999. However you rarely see any prints greater then 150 in the YM and ER2. The NQ has more liquidity and 100 lots can be traded pretty easily with no slippage unless there is an economic # or FOMC.
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    Rarely? You see prints greater than 150 all the time on the YM.
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    You may see one or two prints a day at a single price over 150 in the YM but thats about it. Yes there are prints of 150 and up but they will get filled at several different prices due to slippage or lack of liquidity.
  7. Hi Brutu,

    Many do and there's a few old ET threads about such and different types of tools to use.

    I use Camtasia Studio.


    However, that's not the reason why I use the screen recording software.

    I mainly use it as a video journal of my trades and to stay on top on how my computer workstation (what's on my screen) influence my trading day...

    Good or Bad.