YM seat ?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by plumber68, Nov 17, 2008.

  1. Humm,

    I just looked at my end of month and see I traded close to 1000 round trips, I only just realized that IB has unbundled which will save me some nice change.

    I like the idea of just filing "Capital Gains" than filing a business etc and all the complications it could involve, especially when really my trading overheads are so small (Internet, a computer, CNBC etc) Also no self employment tax as somebody else mentioned on a ES thread - thanks:)

    So would it be worth looking at leasing a YM seat ? to get the lower commissions, or just keep with IB's unbundled price structure ? (At this time I have no desire to switch brokers, IB has seemed well for my style and I even use their charts, so far so good for what I need - also honestly I'd rather not mess with how I'm trading, learning new software etc)

    Either way I'm not going to jump into a seat, but maybe would think about it a couple of months down the road if my trading and profits kept similar to what they are now.

    Thanks in advance.