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Discussion in 'Options' started by nodelta, Apr 20, 2004.

  1. nodelta


    Sold some YM puts around 8am PST To Offset some short contracts.

    Why didn't I wait until EOD?!?!?

    Damn me!!!

  2. Dumb a**


    I got your email, sell 14 ym to hedge a bit over your delta req.
  3. nodelta


    Thanks man.

    I haven't even calculated my freagin' Greeks!!!

    I'm a blow up candidate for sure.

  4. Your short 32 10300P/short 32 futs position is synthetically(=) 32 short calls. So you've no hedge on your remaining puts, other than what 32 short 10300 calls can provide, which you know, is a poor-ass hedge

  5. nodelta



    I'm cool going naked puts on about 30, cash-secured 'til about 9900, at which point I'll hedge 'em at b/e if assigned.

    But, I'm about 20 under on the hedge.

    Will short 15 YM's as hedge and hope nobody trades another contract until June.

    Thanks again,

  6. nodelta


    I'm long 55 contracts from around 9900.
  7. Sh*t Bro, I wouldn't be comfortable with that exposure...
  8. I take that back, I am short 400 straddles in ym, lol...
  9. nodelta


    F*ck it.

    You only live once.

    Government is gonna get it all anyway.

  10. Yo Bro, we have our own private thread going... How you doing? Wife still bugging you about a beach house? Did you hear that JC is a cake-boy?
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