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  1. That 800+ page YM thread is getting painful to wade through all the bragging and bitch slapping...

    First stupid question -

    How much weight does everyone put on cash Dow moves in anticipating YM positions?

    Or is YM just like a puppy on a leash bolting up and down, back and forth, but always on a tether...

  2. I would say 7/10. I keep track of the Cash Dow by keeping an eye on the biggest stocks that make up the Dow complex. I also keep another eye on the Crude (CL), Interest rates (ZN, ZB) etc etc.
  3. Thanks.

    I guess if YM heads the other direction for a while, then a bigger move back in line could be anticipated??

    Or am I missing something here??
  4. the answer from porgie is what a waste of YM intraday time to watch stuff even closely related to that...........total distraction by something irrelevant.........IMHO:D
  5. I prefer watching Eurex and Euronext price action instead of the cash Dow when trading YM.

    Then when those markets close or their volatility has decline to the point where its like watching paint dry...

    I'll monitor the volatility levels in the other Eminis along with EuroFX EC.

    (a.k.a. NihabaAshi) Japanese Candlestick term
  6. i wonder sometimes if it is okay to watch the YM price action when trading the intraday YM?
  7. So Mark, you think there can be some correlation between Eurex moves and YM? Expound a little if you don't mind..
  8. Its OK.. but not recommended. YM makes so many false moves, whipsaws a lot. Its has often been rumored that one can still come ahead by trading YM off of the UTX chart.
  9. there is the secret.......... .....don't look at YM just keep platform set on YM........now we are making real progress....TOM......if u r looking for something hot that is it.....watch something else while u trade something else....
  10. The only thing I watch is ES and YM. The indexes, stocks, Advancers, Decliners, Ticks, Trin, etc. ad infinitum usually follow and are useless as far as I can tell, when trading either on a very short term basis. If anyone can demonstrate otherwise I will be happy to eat my words.
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