YM more whippy lately?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by andrewbee, Mar 10, 2009.

  1. Has anyone noticed in the past several weeks the YM has become more whippy and less choppy in its movement?

    In the past it kept pretty good parity with the ES, but lately it has diverged, at least in terms of range of movement. At least in my opinion, and I watch their charts every day.

    I am guessing this is down to the Dow's low value, which is making it so that traders can push it around more (the cash Dow that is) with less cash. Although the cash S&P is also lower, but it has 500 stocks in it as opposed to 30, and they're not price-weighted.

    Anyone care to comment?
  2. no, i traded it day in and day out.
    if it goes up, it will be gentle. but if it goes down, it will be wild.

    i bought it in the morning at 6650, then it dipped to 6630ish, in matter of seconds, i just ignored it. so basically I just put a 50 points stop there, turned off my computer. that worked very well. otherwise i will make lots of trades becuase of those little 20points/30points up/down, rough to cagtch, easily to lose on those noises.

    ignore them, better trade in big picture. I was anitcipating this kind of day since it is dropping every day, people will be sick of it.

    maybe just suckers's rally, i would think it will stop at 7800~7500.