YM more volatile now it's on Globex?

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    Is it just me or is the YM now more volatile and faster-moving now it's on Globex? It seems to be acting more like ES etc. Or is it just current market conditions ...
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    Yes, it seems like it has received a shot in the arm. The volume
    is up quite a bit as well. Over all, it seems the move has been well received.
  3. The march contract practically tracks the DOW tick for tick so yes it's just the current market conditions.
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    correlation, not causation....
  5. CME reckon YM will be quicker using Globex than when it was on e-CBOT(they actually used LIFFE's Connect platform),it's something to do with the number of messages sent which makes response times faster.Expect them to make it even quicker in the near future too.

    As for more volatile,it's basically just been a wild 2008 so far and that's got nothing to do with the switch in platforms.
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    What are the differences between the ecbot and globex YM contract for:

    MarketDepth (ecbot was up to 10 deep) now only 5 deep?
    Stop Orders
    Exchange fees

    Are there other changes not listed here?

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  7. Just the trading hours
  8. I was hoping YM option liquidity might improve.
  9. What about the liquidity between your ears? Any improvement?
  10. I am the first one to say "duh, its market conditions" but I have def noticed its far more volatile on Globex. Going from point A to point B is no longer that smooth. It might go from point A to point B and back to Point A several times within seconds before going to the next level.
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