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  1. laurana


    I am starting this journal to record my paper trading of the minidow.

    Some rules :
    1) Max net position is 4 lots, either direction.
    2) Possible open positions of both long and short positions.(can be confusing here as only one instrument)
    3) Scaled exit, possible scaled entry.

    Please feel free to comment as I am open to all advice and ideas.
    Here goes!
  2. 4re


    What is your trading method? And what is your experience level in trading?
  3. Welcome laurana!

    Are you using a simulator or simply paper-trading? Using a simulator is by far a better way to "paper-trade".

    Good luck!

  4. laurana


    open position and their stops:


    Queued limit orders :

    sell 2 @ 10879 / hard stop 2 @ 10978
  5. laurana


    HI, my method is totally discretional, but you can say it is based on price patterns.

    I have been observing this market for about 2 years now, and have traded before but have busted my account. I still believe I can do it though, which is why I am here. Hope to learn and be closer to becoming a winning trader!
  6. laurana


    Thank you. I am just posing my trades here. Is there a free simulator with no expiry out there?
  7. PFG Best Direct Fast offers free simulated trading. It says 30 days but they'll extend it for as long as you need.

  8. 4re


    Just for a couple tips, no offense intended. I just stopped my thread due to a lack of time for futures. You can go and read through some of it and see if you can pick up some tips. I ran the S/R emini journal. We had traders from ES, YM and even ER in there. Hopefully you can pick up some good tips from it. Good luck, hope you make it this time.

  9. laurana


    open position and their stops:

    -2 @ 10879 / hard stop 2 @ 10978
    -1 @ 10919 / hard stop 1 @ 10978

    Queued limit and stop orders :

    sell 1 @ 10960 / hard stop 1 @ 10978
  10. jtmarlin


    try buttontrader - probably one the best simulators out...
    #10     Jun 15, 2006