YM Migration to CME GLobex

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  1. I have a Tradestation account and they told me that YM is still part of CBOT. I thought YM moved to GLOBEX CME already. I need to pony up $50 for datafeed to CBOT to get YM. Can someone clarify when the move will be finalized? Thanks
  2. The move is already done, but you'll have to pay a separate data fee for YM. Maybe in 1 yrs time they will revise the cost, but I bet you not, since they can make more money by charging a separate fee, even though CBOT & CME is 'one exchange' now.

    If anything you can expect ALL fees for CME & CBOT to raise next yr.
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    Yeah, this totally sucks because I expected YM to be packaged with the other eminis.

    The funny thing is they have now increased the CME fee with YM not being for free anymore.

    Nice way to stick it up the ass to all YM traders.
  4. Yeah I switched to NQ because of that. Its not the $50 but rather the principle. I trade currencies and ER2 with the CME, I am not going to pay nearly an equivalent amount for just the YM.
  5. Fascinating. 12 YM points NET monthly dictating what you trade.

    I hope you've negotiated your commisions, platform fees, and account permissions, otherwise it's just convenient hypocratic reasoning.

    Not a personal attack, just a personal opinion.


    BTW; IQFeed offers the previous eCBOT-mini feed for FREE, until April 01, 2008.
  6. Heh, fees do add up if you are a struggling trader. $50 for YM. $30 for NQ ES ER. $50-100 for charting software. $30 for internet access. Next thing you know your monthly fees are over $200. There is always IB which does not charge anything for there datafeed. Wonder how many TS people are going to switch to IB
  7. Haha, I love that. Calling my reasoning hypocritical but nothing personal. You should be a politician.

    Didn't I say it wasn't the dollar amount but the principle? What part of that do you not understand? Oh and yes I do consider costs when I trade, even though I have brought my trading account from five figures to seven. Its a habit I don't want to break.

    So you are saying you don't pay attention to costs? If you do, then who is being the hypocrite? Didn't you mention that intraday margin rates are important to you in a previous posts? So your account is so large that you do not care about costs but you still use intraday margin?

    Also, since switching to NQ, I find that I like it more than the YM.
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    I tend to agree here.

    It's not about the extra $50 YM traders have to pay, but the whole principle behind it.

    Usually mergers should provide customers with better service and lower costs, but it's not the case here.

    This is a monopoly.

    It would be as if Mc Donald's merged with Burger King and next thing you know hamburgers are more expensive and you no longer get free refills on your drinks.
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    The new IB platform, futuretrade, will be out in 2-4 months according to TP on the IB conference call. This will have much better charting included and will be available to all customers.

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    Anyone familiar with this platform?
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