YM Intraday Volume Analysis

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  1. Is intraday volume important in deciding when to trade or is price more reliable?

    Could someone post an intraday chart of YM or S&P showing how they use volume to buy and sell?

    What are the things to look for in intraday volume in terms of volume and price relationships?

    Many Thanks
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  3. Thanks, been reading through the first thread and the author of the thread would like to keep it to stocks and eod trading.

    I would specifically like to know what people think of using volume intraday for YM , S&P etc, perhaps they could post a chart?
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    there is a thread called "price and volume", lots of annotated charts, easy to follow...
  5. Hi Stalker,

    Thanks for the reply, but I just can't seem to find this thread, could you perhaps post a link?

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  7. Thanks
  8. I've been trying to read through the various links and I know there is a lot to get through, but would anyone be able to summarise how to use volume intraday for YM, and specifiy the time interval.
    I suppose what I am asking is what are the main rules that connect price and volume so that you can use volume in intraday trading, perhaps someone has already done this and would not mind posting them ? Are there any reliable rules? If not how can you rely on volume to open/close trades ?

    From the reading I have done, it appears there are not many principles to learn regarding price and volume, although I still don't understand it, but why are there no published rules ?

    For example,

    when YM (or whatever index) volume low, indicative of a bottom and Buy

    Many Thanks
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    Hi Osho!

    I think it pays to see the big picture. Use that with close stops and you win.

    Sometimes it works with volume spikes to define highs and lows but other times the trend is to strong for that to work.
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    But i believe those who can read price and volume have a huge advantage. After all Bid and Ask is the only thing that push the market in one direction. When buyers and sellers agree we stand still.
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