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  1. I've doen about a few weeks of reading readin and researching researching.

    I want to add teh YM to my arsenal of trading venues.

    Can any of respond to my inquiry below:

    I am under the assumption that the Ym can be traded from 8:15 Pm till 4 pm:

    1) Does that mean that there is a 4 hour and 15 minute interval every day that you can not trade teh YM?

    2) Is the CBOT site the best site to track the YM real time?

    If you trade the YM before the NYSE open (example:8pm-9:30 am) does the YM move a lot during those times?

    If so, is is because of international market movements in the DOW components?

    What other indocators would you watch in non NYSE market hours.

    Anywa and all help would be greatly appreciated-I want to learn to trade this $5 dollar contract and would appreciate any help from you guys.

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    I have been using the CBOT real-time charts and I'm satisfied with it so far. The volume is very low after 4.15pm till 7.30 am (central time). I'm learning how to trade index futures and I think YM is the best vehicle. CBOT has a free week trial, you can take the trial and decide for yourself, but if you will be trading other stuff like stocks and e-minis maybe you should get another charting system.
  3. P & D -

    1. No trading between 4pm CT and 8:15pm CT - Per the CBOT website:

    Trading Hours
    Electronic Trading – 8:15 p.m. to 4:00 p.m., Chicago time, Sunday – Friday. Trading in expiring contracts closes at 3:15 p.m. Chicago time on the last trading day.

    2. You can track the prices on the CBOT website or almost any regular realtime datafeed.

    Trading prior to normal trading hours in all the index futures is usually pretty thin until around 8-8:30am ET.