YM/Globex back up.

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by mrbud, Nov 9, 2007.

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    Hi guys.

    I pretty much just day trade the YM, sometimes the ES/NQ.
    When ever the CBOT went down while in a trade, I could protect myself by hedging in the ES etc.

    Soon the YM will be on Globex. Any ideas on a good electronic hedging instrument for the YM when Globex goes down? Something electronic? It's tough calling brokers for pit trades when everyone else is doing it.

    I was thinking DIA, but wanted to avoid a new 25k account just for the time when Globex goes down.

    Maybe Forex? Any thoughts?
  2. Forex :confused:

    You can hedge with Russell 1000 futures on ICE.

    Russell futures trade at $10 a tick instead of YMs $5 so if you trade one lots at a time it wont really work..
  3. I hear there is something called an ETF.
  4. Check out this video. I think Bear did it.

    Catastrophic exchange crash! How to handle this. How to hedge your open positions:
  5. mrbud


    Businessman, I'll check that out on the ICE, thanks.

    Proximo, I mentioned DIA, but didn't want another 25k account just for insurance, if there was something better.

    Spectra, that's the old way, when the CBOT was separate from CME.
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