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  1. Hi,

    After trading myself for a number of years I began a service that makes trading recommendations on the YM emini.

    I would like to invite anyone in, as an observer who may be able to offer
    criticism or praise as the case may be to our trading room.

    If it meets your standards I would appreciate the good review;

    If you hate it you are free to make that comment as well. Since I try to
    provide advice to the novice as well as the seasoned trader, sometimes thigs
    can get confusing, especially if I tell the new trader to stay out of the
    market, perhaps in choppy times or when the Fed is making an announcement.

    Any advice will be appreciated.
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    you could post the invitation in announcement forum.:cool:
  3. I think I did
  4. Does this sound like Franz or What ? LOL !!

    Alex Wasilewski aka AlexLW our head trader in the live room and co-founder has a rich and eclectic background that might more easily have been described by what he has not done.

    He has never sat upon a mountain top and counseled Ringo Starr, never sacked Bart Starr, and never danced with any of the stars. He has done everything else.

    He has been a NYC cab driver during his college days at Manhattan College in the Bronx NY. Rudolph Giuliani graduated two years before Alex but they may have bumped into each other at the Pinewood. Alex later owned a NYC taxi medallion and relates the awe of listening to Wall Street power traders talking business in the back of the cab. A few of them took him on the floor of the NY Stock Exchange where he got his first exposure to reading the Big Tape.

    Among the other businesses Alex owned was a cocktail lounge on Long Island, an over the road tractor trailer freight hauling business and more recently a Budget Blinds window treatment franchise.

    In law enforcement and banking, Alex was a Suffolk County NY police officer, an I.R.S. auditor, and an accountant for the Federal Reserve Bank of NY.

    In the field of sales Alex has sold steak knives door to door, used cars, and new cars
  5. Hey magnum trader....why don't you post your own "resume" as long as you're going to take shots at someone else? Or is there anything to post?

  6. Alex is 58 years old. He's got a few good years ahead of him still :)

    Feel free to come in and see how hanis his day trading skills are. :) have a good weekend

    --Geoff aka CajunSniper