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  1. i know that ym future options has very little volume; but i am interested in talking to someone who has traded these. my main questions are:

    is the margin for each lot any different than es or er2? if so , can someone give me an example? (ie:using ib)

    how do you feel the liquidity is effecting your fills?

    any other points you may want to make i would welcome.
    i see an april 11,300 going for 5/9 bid ask. this seems to be a safer risk/reward to me than an es or er2. this trade is 9% otm and 9% for es gets 1.10 and due to the multiplier(.5) , it's effectively .55. maybe there is a multiplier for ym? can ym options actually return 8 to 10 times an es and 5 times er2? maybe taking into account higher margin we may end up being equal on return. i just never traded these...yet.
    i do have much experience trading the es and er2.
  2. I've traded these. It's hard to get a fill. Extremely low volume.
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    Hmm, yeah, your suspicion may be right, maybe there's a multiplier for YM...if only someone knew what it is...

    I don't get it, is it really that hard to look up contract specs on CBOT's website, given that you do have much experience trading ES and ER2!?
  4. yeah lol...go also look ib website under contract specifications--futures options--margins. tough cookie to figure, lol :D
  5. mte, my subject was meant to start a discussion on ym future options for those who had experience by asking a basic question.

    stop focusing on something you can attack; give me your thoughts on actually trading this instrument....if you can. anyway, thanks for answering part of the question. as a very profitable option trader for 13 years now, i thought that i could get some other thoughts on trading future options.
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    Ok, fair enough, but then again, it is hard to believe that a seasoned trader like you (profitably trading options for 13 years) would even say something like this... :confused: