YM = ES How many points?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by BellWeather, Jun 18, 2008.

  1. What is the breakdown of YM points per 1 ES point?

    They are two separate indices and am curious to the breakdown of the movements.

    It seems that overnight Globex of YM has a very small range per ES full 1 point.

    Ask on ES was 1337.00 YM 'ask' was at 12020. ES moved to 1338.25 'ask' and YM is at 12024 'ask?'
  2. Lucrum


    Probably a good idea to keep in mind these are two entirely separate indexes.
    Even if they are somewhat correlated.

    YM/ES = 8.98

    0.1% move in ES = 1.33 points or rounded off 5 ticks
    0.1% move in YM = 12 points/ticks

    $50 move in ES = 4 ticks/1 point
    $50 move in YM = 10 ticks/10 points

    average daily range ES = 22.14 points/88 ticks

    average daily range YM = 195 points/ticks
  3. hdawg87


    Well essentially if you are just considering the amount of leverage / $ value of a point then the YM would be 10 points for every ES's 1 point.

    ES - $50/point
    YM - $5/point
  4. roughly 100 dow points equals 10 spooz points...
  5. atonix


    In terms of market movement, it's (very) roughly just less than 10 YM = 1 ES in points, but is not a rule at all.
  6. buzz


    YM divided by ES will give you the answer.