YM/ES buy order at 9:29am(EST) tomorrow a 100% winner?

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  1. YM/ES buy order at 9:29am(EST) tomorrow a 100% winner?
    30 YR sell order at 9:29am(EST) tomorrow a 100% winner?

    OR...would it be buy 30 yr and sell YM/ES at that time as the marker would be already looking to pullback because futures are so inflated?

    AND...the market would already be looking to close the friday gap?

    AND...maybe the cash crowd does not agree with the "good news" of the bailout and the market(DOW/SP) decides to sell off at 9:30AM tomorrow, New York time...

    IN ANY CASE...no doubt tomorrow is a great "sell set up" for the YM and ES for Tuesday trading...

    ESPECIALLY with hurricane IKE coming...do not see how bailout news could really sustain a rally with IKE etc...need more good news then that...

    would not be surprised if DOW/SP end lower than mondays action by this Friday...thoughts...???
  2. And it can also be possible that Ike got weak
    And the market had a 1 day gain rallied the 5 best day in history after a long time
    ANYTHING IS Possible $#@$#@$@$@$@$@$%$#^#%^%$&^
  3. Last week you were sure oil would pop 15 dollars too.

    I think the only thing you can be sure of is you don't have a clue.
  4. it is 10:36pm New York time Sunday night...YM is up +260 points!!!...30 YR down -1.100...how does the YM go higher and 30 year go lower?...hard to imagine...you got to be thinking about some serious YM sell set-ups and some serious 30 YR buy set-ups...OR...DO WE SEE A YM +500 DAY?
  5. what would that mean?...DOW up 400, 500, 600?
  6. it is now 10:45PM NY time...ES is up almost +36 and YM is up almost +280...WOWSERS!
  7. Lucrum


  8. Hey genius...

    Regarding gaps...
    1) Fridays gap was filled on Friday.
    2) Thursdays gap is being filled as I type.

  9. YM will retrace to 11227...ES will retrace to 1240....probably on tuesday after bailout hype over and IKE looms...
  10. Im watching the tape.. and ES is thining out big time in the 1270s...

    I think the rally will fade tommorow near the close.. finishing dow up around 150 - 225.

    and tuesday sell off begins!
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