YM DOM 10 Deep Again

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  1. The CME has changed the YM DOM from 5 deep to 10 deep.

    Does this matter to anyone?
  2. I haven't traded the YM in a few years, but when did they reduce the depth from 10 to 5?
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    Yes, really cool stuff. Any idea why they did it only on grains and YM?

    I was thinking it was for all ex-cbot products but financials are not included.
  4. When the CME moved YM from the eCBOT platform to the Globex platform.
  5. I always go Balls Deep.

    Yeah, it's nice seeing DOM but there's so much chicanery going on with these scalpers (flipping orders, etc.) that I don't pay attention to it.

    Heck, I don't even consider volume, really.

    Some of my better fills are at 4am catching a low volume reversal.

    Good stuff, though. It can be fun to watch while waiting for fills.

    Are you a scalper? Is that why you watch it?

    GL today.
  6. Financials should be after March 29th.
  7. What advantage of 10 over 5?
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    Nothing. It's all bullshit.
  9. Further question: what's the advantage of DOM of 5 over DOM of 1 which is just the tick(best bid and best ask)...
  10. Let's say you have the best bid,

    and the best ask,

    they are different,

    how, all of a sudden, the orders are matched and the trade is made?

    Take ES futures as example?

    Please shed some lights on me...

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